[CC] Vanity Mirror

Color changing and dimmable Vanity Mirror.

  • 9 swatches for Bulb with Frame.

Build Mode:

Item Name: [ONR] Vanity Mirror
Category: Decorations > Mirrors

Item Name: [ONR] Vanity Mirror Light
Category: Lighting > Wall Lights


  1. Enable bb.moveobjects in the console (press ctrl+shift+c).
  2. Place Vanity Mirror 1×1 or 1×2 to the wall.
  3. Place Vanity Mirror Light over the Mirror.
  4. Click on the Light to change color and dim.
  5. Click on the Mirror for interactions.

Zip file contains 8 files:

  1. ohnorandom_VanityMirror1x1.package
  2. ohnorandom_VanityMirror1x1_BulbNoFrame.package
  3. ohnorandom_VanityMirror1x1_Light.package (solid led frame)
  4. ohnorandom_VanityMirror1x1_LightBulb.package (bulb with frame has 9 swatches)
  5. ohnorandom_VanityMirror1x2.package
  6. ohnorandom_VanityMirror1x2_BulbNoFrame.package
  7. ohnorandom_VanityMirror1x2_Light.package (solid led frame)
  8. ohnorandom_VanityMirror1x2_LightBulb.package  (bulb with frame has 9 swatches)
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